Monday, January 4, 2010

Day 1

Operation: In The Potty is underway!

As the first step, I bought a potty today. I wasn't too scientific about it. I wanted one that was simple and cheap. And I really wanted one that didn't sing, because goodness knows we have enough singing things in this house. I got it out of the box while Pumpkin Pie was taking her afternoon nap. I set it up in the bathroom, and showed it to her after her snack.

She was way excited. She LOVES sitting on things that are just her size; stools, piles of clothes, the kitty carrier. I showed her the potty part and had her sit on it fully dressed. We talked about the potty for awhile, then I said "Okay, let's go play." She had a cow. So I calmed her down and asked if she'd like to sit on it awhile in the living room.

So the potty sat in the living room for the afternoon. She sat down and stood up about 49 times. That girl is going to have some powerful quad muscles by the end of this. Anyway, I let her do her thing, but did try to stop her from putting her toys in the potty.

This may have been my first mistake. I wanted her to get used to it, but maybe I shouldn't have let her play with it so much. Before her bath this evening, I put the potty back in the bathroom and set her on it sans-trou. I could not keep her on it for more than two seconds. I was scrambling for things for her to hold to keep her distracted for a bit.

And that's the end of Day 1. I think I am going to take a few books in there and try and get her to sit for at least a minute. And my main goal for the next three or four days is to get her to sit on it at least twice a day, regardless of what happens. I think I'll try setting her on it when I get her up in the morning, and before her afternoon nap.

She loves to say the word "potty." That might be a good start.

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