Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Day 2

Not much new to report. Giving her books to look at really helped at keeping her buns on the seat for longer than 10 seconds. This morning she looked at a Jughead comic book since that was the closest thing I could grab. I was more prepared for this afternoon, when I gave her one of her books. Later this afternoon she even asked to sit on the potty. I think she just wanted to read one of the books I had sitting next to her beloved plastic throne.

Also, I received the Dappi vinyl training pants that I ordered in the mail today. I got them from bestbuybaby.com. Again, I was looking for the cheapest thing I could try. I'm not quite ready to try her in them yet, but maybe in a week or two. If these don't work, I think I'll try Gerber training pants next. They seem to be the next up on the price scale, and so far that is my only criteria for testing them out.

I must say, she is darn cute sitting on that little potty.


  1. I didn't realize they made cheap cloth training pants...thanks for the incognito tip ;-) Following from MBC, love your page design!

  2. I remember those little butt cheeks sitting on there and it is so cute! I hope it goes very easily for you! :)