Monday, January 18, 2010

News To Me

I learned something about myself today: I don't hate ironing. It absolutely shocked me.

I haven't really ironed anything in probably four years. I discovered Downy Wrinkle Release, which is the product that you spray on clothes and rub out the wrinkles with your hands. It doesn't make your clothes crisp, but it does remove the wrinkles. My husband and I have a little ritual before he leaves for work each morning. I'm usually drying my hair or something, and he walks up with the Wrinkle Release. He hands me the bottle and stands back with his hands stretched out to the side. I spray his chest and back and smooth out the wrinkles, and then he leaves for work without looking like a ragamuffin.

Lately I've been busting out the ironing board at least once a week, because I'm trying to save a pair of jeans with iron on patches. However, I have to iron the patches once a week, because they curl up on the edges and drive me crazy. But I love these jeans, so I've been pretty faithful about it. Then today, while I had the iron out, I decided to iron one of my husband's shirts.

And I liked it. I loved that it looked so nice when it was done. I felt a nice measure of accomplishment as I steamed out those pesky wrinkles. His shirts have always looked okay with the wrinkle spray...but ironing takes it to a whole level. So I did another of his shirts and a pair of my pants.

The thing that I don't like about ironing is dragging everything out. I'm actually thinking that it might be worth it.

Today was one of those days where you feel like you grow up just a little bit.

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