Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Project On Hold

Today I put potty training on the back burner. It was stressing me out. I was losing sleep. And that's silly, so I decided to shelve the whole thing for awhile. It's been a week and a half, and all we accomplished is Pumpkin Pie is not afraid to sit on the potty. I think it ties in with her love for books, since that's what we do while she's sitting there.

I'm disappointed. I had these magical dreams of my baby being a potty genius. She's not a potty genius, but she is still a bright, fun, adorable 19-month-old. I may try it again for a couple days each month, just to test her interest.

So, on to the next thing. Not too sure what it is yet, but we'll figure out something.

And we're still going to watch potty DVDs. She likes the music.


  1. Hey! No need to pressure yourself. Pumpkin Pie will eventually get it :) Relax!

  2. youngest was potty trained just months before he started kindergarten. It takes worries.

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