Friday, July 16, 2010

Book Review: Never Say Never

I am a fiction junkie, I think. I sometimes read up to six books a week, thanks to the services of our local public library. So I LOVE the book blogging program.

A few months ago I received Never Say Never by Lisa Wingate from Bethany House Publishers. It fell into one of my favorite categories, Contemporary Christian Fiction. I had never heard of Lisa Wingate, but am always looking for new authors to love.

In Never Say Never we join Kai Miller and Donetta Bradford in Texas as they deal with a hurricane and its aftermath. Kai worked on the coast and Donetta was supposed to be leaving on a cruise that fateful day, and both ended up together back in Donetta's hometown of Daily, Texas. Kai has lived a nomadic life and doesn't really understand family connections, and she loves her life the way it is. Until she meets Kemp Eldridge, Donetta's nephew. Donetta is entering into the winter of her life and is struggling to understand how her relationship with her husband has changed over the years. After taking Kai under her wing and seeing the spark between her and Kemp, she decides to distract herself with a new challenge.

I really enjoyed this book. So much, that I make it a habit to swing through the W section of the library to see if any of Lisa Wingate's books are on the shelves. They have been, and I've read several since. Her characters are extremely relatable and easy to invest in. Her setting of Daily, Texas makes me, a suburban girl, wish I lived in the close community of a tiny town. Her descriptions of Texas even make it sound appealing to a Colorado girl like me!

Never Say Never was fantastic. Lisa Wingate is fantastic. Make it point to check them both out.

Bethany House Publishers provided me with a complimentary copy of this book as a part of their book reviewers program.


  1. I enjoyed Never Say Never also. I review children's books (through the Teacher Mommy link) and also at my other blog. Nice review!

  2. I just picked up a couple of older ones by Lisa Wingate today, Talk of the Town and Tending Roses. I read another of her Daily, TX stories last summer... seems like that's when I do most of my reading! :)

    Stumbled on your blog tonight - I'll definitely be back!