Friday, July 23, 2010

Day Five: Stayin' Alive

I wish I could tell you what happened between yesterday and today. Either my Pumpkin Pie is a genius or I did something right.

This morning, after breakfast, I was able to coax Pumpkin Pie onto the potty. Where she did her business. Cheers and treats all around. A little later, during room time, I hear "Go potty?" So I dropped what I was doing and took her. She was still dry and went. Cheers and treats all around. This happened two more times before my mom came to watch her while I went in for my glucose tolerance test.

After the OB appointment, I came home and found out that my mom could not get her to go potty. No big deal. She was having way too much fun with Grammy. So right before nap I was finally able to get her back on the potty. Her pull-up was wet, but not soaked by any means. She went potty before nap. Cheers and treats all around.

*Side note: Before her nap she when three times in a row. I'm talking, actual pee in the potty. I'd ask her if she had any more, and when she'd say no we'd complete the wipe/flush/wash/treat ritual. Then she'd look at me and say "Go potty?" again and we'd go through the whole thing again. Three times in a row. Is this normal for toddlers? Will she grow out of not emptying her bladder completely? Is it a good sign that she can actually control the go and stop function?

Anyway, at the end of her nap, the first thing I hear over the monitor was "Go potty?" I ran to her room and got her in the bathroom. I put her in cloth trainers for her naps, and the cloth trainer was wet. But she did go potty after her nap. And she stayed dry for the rest of the afternoon. She also went potty right before bed, AND about 3o minutes after she had been in bed for the night she called out to go potty again. So I took her and she went and I put her back in bed.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that when she was with me today, and when she was awake, she was 100% dry. She was able to go on command. And so far, the total number of disposable trainers I've had to throw away is a big fat ONE.

Is she potty trained?

No poop in the potty yet. But I don't care. I can't believe what a good day this was. If we have a week of days like this one, I might be tempted to try her in actual underwear again.

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