Thursday, July 22, 2010

Day Four: Crash and Burn and a Glimmer of Hope

Today was pretty horrible. Not sure I want to talk about it. I stopped counting underwear because it was depressing me. And there were some tears...mine. I'll blame the pregnancy. I spent most of the afternoon thinking and thinking if this was time to call it quits. I didn't want to quit, since the first three days were actually pretty good, but after her behavior today I was seriously considering the fact that maybe she just wasn't interested. So finally, around 3:00, I changed her out of her underwear into a disposable pull-up. I wanted to see what would happen if she wet those. Would she care as much as she did when she wet her underwear? Or would she be able to ignore it like she does in diapers?

Then, as I was making dinner, out of the blue, I heard a tiny voice say "Go potty?"

"Yes!" I yelled a little too loudly. I put my husband on dinner watch and rushed Pumpkin Pie to the bathroom. We pulled off the pull-up, THAT WAS STILL DRY, and she sat down and went. Just like that. Like she had been doing it all day, which she hadn't.

I'm still a little confused. Is she ready? Maybe a little. Maybe she's not ready for underwear. I love the thinness of a pull-up, and the action of pulling it off and on. Maybe that's all we should work on for now.

Here is something earth-shattering I decided today: It is okay if it takes longer than three days for her to be potty-trained. She has spent the last two years going in her pants; it seems unreasonable for me to expect her to break that habit in three days. I'm sure this isn't a popular idea, but it is what it is. She did much better when I wasn't watching her like a hawk to make sure she didn't wet the carpet. The only way I can relax like that is if I'm not worried she's going to make a huge mess. The only way I can not be worried is if she's wearing a trainer.

So after going around and around all day about whether to quit or not, I've decided that we won't quit, but we're not going cold turkey either. I choose to believe she is not going to be screwed up by wearing trainers. We'll try an underwear day in a month or so to see if she's ready.

Slow and steady wins the race, and makes for a happier mom.

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