Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Day Two: A VERY Good Day

Remember the underwear count yesterday? 13. Today = 5.

Times I used Resolve on the carpet: Yesterday = 5 Today = 0

That, my friends, is amazing progress. Today started out very similar to yesterday. I started her in the cloth training pants because I knew she would probably poop in them. She did. Maybe I set her up for failure on that one. Anyway, after the poop, we moved into underwear. I gave her a cup of juice and we watched Elmo's Potty Time. She had one minor accident (wet undies, but none on the floor) and then I made her sit on the potty. She went a decent amount that time. About 30 minutes later, the same thing happened again. Then, a little while later I was in a different room and heard "I'm wet!" I ran into the living room (where we have the potty set up) and hurried her over to the potty, talking about putting pee in the potty the whole way. When I got her over there, what did I find, but DRY undies. I set her down and she went tinkle right away! I was so excited; I did a dance and cheered and pretty much made her think I was the weirdest thing ever. She didn't want a Hello Kitty sticker, so I called my husband to share the joy. I told him that I wished I had something to reward her with, since she had already lost interest in the the stickers. Then, my dear husband displayed his sheer genius with The Magic Tool: marshmallows.

Very soon, Pumpkin Pie asked to go potty. For real. I set her down, and she went. I cheered and after we got everything cleaned up, I gave her the treat: a quarter of a big marshmallow. She L O V E D it. And promptly asked to go again. So I set her down and she actually went again. She had chugged that cup of juice earlier, so I knew it was all becoming available then. But I wonder how to get her to empty her bladder all in one sitting. Not the point right now, though. The point is, she asked to go and went on command. She had one dry pair of undies for about 5 hours today.

We did have a poo situation in the undies this afternoon. However, I was encouraged by that too. I heard her say "I'm wet!" which she hadn't had to say all day, and when I got her over to the potty I quickly realized that she was not wet, but pooping. I was able to get her on the potty where she finished the deed. I went ahead and gave her a treat since she actually got some in the potty, even though she didn't get it all in the potty. Those undies definitely give her a different feel and she knows it. I wouldn't be surprised if she catches herself sooner tomorrow.

We're going to spend just one more day hunkered down around home, I think. Tomorrow I'm going to put her potty in her room for room time, since that's when the morning mess happens. I'm wondering if she doesn't like a little privacy for that action, so maybe if she's alone with the potty, she'll have a greater chance of making it in there. Also, she hasn't stayed dry through her afternoon nap yet, even though I've gotten her to go right before her nap. I put her in a cloth training pants for the nap, so it's not making a mess. I'm not worried about that right now, though.

The thought of taking her out in the real world in her undies freaks me out a bit still, but maybe I'll feel better about it tomorrow. We can't stay in this 1,000 square foot apartment forever. I'll go nuts. I do feel like there is light at the end of the tunnel. And that amazes me, since this is only the second day. I had hoped it would be like this, but was trying not to get my hopes up.

Like I've said before, she's surprised me about a lot of things in her little life. I'll add this to the list.

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  1. Woo-hoo for day 2! So excited for you! Just take extra undies and clothes (and the potty chair in the car), and you'll be FINE! :)