Monday, July 19, 2010

Potty Training: Take Two: Day One

We survived! And I'm T I R E D.

I'll spare you the blow by blow. Here's a summary:

I started the day with her in a pair of the cloth training pants. After a trip to the potty after breakfast I gave her a cup of juice and a cup of water. She RARELY gets juice, so she was stoked. We made several trips to the potty with no outcome, but her training pants were dry. I put her in her room for 30 minutes of room time, and when I went to get her I could tell that we had a poop situation. Sure enough, she had pooped. And not a good kind either; goopy, messy, etc.

After the poop I decided to just jump into panties. So after she (and I) got cleaned up, we put them on and watched Elmo's Potty Time. She wore panties for the rest of the day. Not the same pair, mind you. I have 17 pairs of underwear for her. She went through 13 pairs today. I was doing laundry, so it wasn't that big a deal.

Most of the day was filled with accidents. She had one little success and one BIG success. The Big success was not poo in the potty...just a satisfactory amount of pee. Anyway, those successes were celebrated with Hello Kitty stickers.

I do consider it a success that she immediately knew when she was wet when she started wearing the panties. She'd call out "I'm wet!!" Or "Potty!" when she felt herself get wet. I think this is huge. After each accident I put her on the potty and had her sit there while I cleaned up (thank you Resolve and rags) and talked about how she should tell me before she needs to go. She's never felt that wet feeling before, and I'm glad she knows it's not something that she wants to hang out in.

I lost track of how many times she sat on the potty today. I tried to time it out, like every half hour or so, but then she'd have an accident. Then I'd try to go 20 minutes, but she'd wet her pants. Then I'd put her on after 15, and she wouldn't go. So I would wait 10 minutes more because she didn't go and surely she needed to go again, so I'd stick her back on. By 5:00 she was pretty tired of it, but I was able to bribe her by telling her I'd read her a story while she sat. We read a lot of stories today.

I did put her back in a diaper for the night. Her diapers are usually pretty soaked in the morning, and I don't see any reason after one day to let her sleep in a soaked bed. Because I'm sure she would just sleep through it, and I would be getting up every hour to check on her, and that's not worth it to me. We'll get there.

Enough happened for me today to keep at it. I'm hoping that today was the worst day, and tomorrow will be better. I really do feel great about the progress. The last thing I'm just not sure about is getting her to go #2 in the potty. And I'm a little scared about cleaning it out of panties. It was hard and gross enough to clean it out of training pants; I feel like if it's in her panties then it will probably get all over a lot more than just her. Can anyone give me an idea of what that kind of training is like? Is it different that teaching them to go #1? Will it happen around the same time, or should I expect that to come later? These are the questions I'm pondering at the moment.

So I'm wiped out. But encouraged enough to try Day Two.

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  1. Woo-hoo for day one! You definitely have some things there to be encouraged about...the fact that she felt when she was wet and knew that something needed to be done about that. The #2 thing will our situation you just have to praise, praise, praise...sometimes they hold it in because it's scary to let it go into the toilet...weird...I know..but that's the way it was with our little man. Anyway...I'm suprised it was harder to clean the #2s out of the're used to cleaning it from cloth diapers! But yes...that is absolutely no fun. Oh..but good call on using diapers at night...we tried to cold turkey it at night and was NOT worth it in our case....our little man sleeps way too deep. He's just now starting to wake up dry every once in awhile which indicates his bladder is getting stronger/bigger.

    Hang in there and be encouraged for day 2!