Friday, July 16, 2010

Preparing for Battle

Yes, I'm probably being over-dramatic. Gearing myself up for potty-training feels like I'm gearing up for war. I'm sure it won't be that bad.

I love that I blogged that I would start potty-training next week. I feel like it gave me a reason to actually do it: so I don't look like a wuss. And my first round of ammunition came in the form of a comment from my dear friend. It was filled with encouraging things, like her saying her son was starting to grasp things by the end of the first day, and that I would only have to live like a hermit for a few days, not a few weeks. I believe she said at the end of it "Go for it!" Thanks, Tawnya. :)

It has been SO BLASTED HOT around here that I feel like next week is going to be a great time to start. The forecast calls for mid to upper nineties for the foreseeable future, and it's not worth it to try and go out when it's that hot. Our car sits in a parking lot and is just plain miserable when you get in. It's WAY too hot for the park (I shudder to think of the playground equipment causing 2nd or 3rd degree burns on my sweet Pumpkin Pie's little legs) and it's too hot to swim. The cement around the pool is just as hot and someone in our condo-complex keeps hiking up the temp of the water. It's not always as refreshing as you want it to be.

So today I went to library and checked out a bunch of Elmo DVDs and picture books to give us something to do as we hunker down against the heat. Whenever we stay at home all day I have to work doubly hard to keep little Pumpkin Pie from getting bored. Taking her to the potty every hour will help, but we'll need things to do in between. I'm ready.

I've also decided to go with the cloth training pants I bought. I've heard plenty of reasons why you should go underwear cold turkey, but honestly the thought of that is what was making me lose so much courage. I've closely inspected the cloth training pants, and they are MUCH thinner than the cloth diapers, so I think she'll really notice a difference if she wets them. And they'll act like underwear; the only way to get them on and off is to pull them up and down. No more Velcro tabs. For my benefit they have a plastic cover. I suppose if we owned the place we lived I wouldn't care so much about the carpet, but since our place is 98% carpet (yes, even in the bathrooms) and because we're renting I shudder to think of her making a mess somewhere that I don't know about and ruining the carpet. Our landlord is nice, but he has a price list of what it would cost us if he has to replace something and I have a feeling there have been a few mark-ups on it. Anyway, the cloth training pants are worth a shot. If she's not catching on after a week or so, maybe I'll try a day of underwear only to see how she does.

So that's my battle plan. If the plan is a success, then my days of washing and folding diapers are going to come to an end very soon. If the plan fails, then I guess we'll do what I've done for the past two years: change diapers. Clearly I've proved myself capable of that, so there is nothing to be scared of.

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  1. It seemed like it took forever for my son to potty-train but he just wasn't ready & I didn't want to push - that seemed to work out better. When he finally was ready, it happened pretty easily. He did have some accidents and still occasionally gets busy & forgets but like my mom & dad always say, you don't see too many kids graduating from High School in diapers! :) Good luck with it all!