Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Settling In

We are finally into what I had always thought potty-training would be like. Sometimes she goes in the potty; sometimes she goes in her pull-up. I seem to have the most trouble getting her to use the potty in the morning. She usually does pretty great in the afternoon.

I have a couple of books in the bathroom that I use to bribe her to sit on the potty. She LOVES to read books. Sometimes I'll get her in the bathroom and on the potty, and I'll have to talk to her about not going potty in her pull-up. While I'm trying to give my lecture she is usually chattering about this and that and the books she wants to read. Finally I say "You need to listen to Mommy!" and she says "Potty in potty not in pants" in this "yeah yeah yeah, whatever, Mom" voice. It cracks me up.

The only thing I have to remind myself is that just because she wets her pull-up does not mean we're back at square one. It is so easy to feel discouraged when she does, because it feels like all our work has gone out the window. But I have to remember that a success is a success, and when she wets her pull-up we just have to try again next time. The good news is she is using the potty AT LEAST twice every day. It can only go up from here!

Next up: using the potty in any place that is not home. We haven't even attempted that one because she never wants to go while we're out. Plus, once I put her on the big potty here at home and she FREAKED out. I think that will be a whole different kind of adventure.

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