Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Turning Chicken

I started this blog in January for several reasons. I consider myself a writer at heart and wanted an avenue to write in; I watched Julie & Julia and was uber-inspired; I wanted to get into the world of product reviewing and giveaways (which should be the subject of another post because I have a few opinions about that now); and to chronicle my experiences with motherhood. I justified the blog by saying I was going to potty-train my then 18-month-old.

As we all know, that first attempt failed. She wasn't ready. A couple of weeks went by with zero progress. So I called it off. And now, Pumpkin Pie is 2 and 1 month. I think she is probably ready now, but now I'm too chicken to try.

First of all, what does "ready" mean? Do I need to wait until she one day out of the blue asks to go? I've seen the lists of signs to watch for. She displays some or most depending on the list. But does she need to display all to be considered ready?

Second, I'm afraid that potty-training means that I need to put EVERYTHING on hold for weeks or whatever. Well, I'll still need to run errands. We will still need to go to church. It's hot, and I still want to go swimming a couple of times a week. I'm about to enter the phase of visiting the OB every two weeks, and most of the time she is going to have to come with me. Does this all doom us to failure?

She really has surprised me about a lot of things in her life. Tomorrow marks the one-week anniversary of switching to a big girl bed, and she made that switch flawlessly. We semi-abruptly ended the bed-time drink of milk tradition and she didn't seem to care. Will potty-training be a non-issue too?

I've been saying this for weeks now: "Next week I'm going to start potty training." I guess I'm hoping this post forces me to walk the walk instead of just a talking the talk. Next week I really WILL start potty training.

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  1. You can do it!!! I know every child is way different, and especially girls and boys potty train differently, but here are a few things that helped our proces go actually quite smoothly:

    1) Go to underwear cold turkey. Don't do pull-ups except when she sleeps (if needed...night time potty training takes more time usually ). Putting her in underwear right away will inevitably bring accidents, but you just calmly say, pee goes in the potty not in your underwear. By the end of the first day Truman was catching himself and getting to the potty chair - we were so surprised.
    2) Move the potty chair around the house with you everywhere! I even took it (and sometimes still do) with me running errands, etc....just let them sit on it in the car if needed.
    3) Going #2 seems to be really intimidating for little ones learning to go....you have to do some serious cheer-leading! But they will learn...don't freak out if her "schedule of events" is off for a few days or more. It will get back to normal.
    4) Be consistent, super excited/encouraging and I think you'll see progress. By the second or third day I really think you'll be able to get out a bit more here and there. It is a commitment and you do feel like a hermit at least that first week, but if you're consistent I think you'll be amazed at how fast she'll learn now.

    GO FOR IT TOR! :)