Saturday, July 24, 2010

Using Her Skills In New Ways

Today was much like yesterday. She stayed dry for most of the day, including a three-hour stretch this morning, surprisingly. But that wasn't the most surprising thing of the day.

She has discovered magic in the words "Go potty?" She very quickly figured out that those two words make me come running. She now thinks that they will get her out of doing something she doesn't want to be doing.

Like room time. We always enjoyed room time in the morning, when she played by herself and I got to have quiet time. Now, at least three times she'll call out "Go potty?" Of course I go get her. And she actually produces, although by the third time I can tell that there is really nothing left for her to squeeze out. Then I'm able to get her to stay in there for a little while.

She did the same thing at bed time. She had to go twice as I was putting her to bed tonight, and 20 minutes after she had gone to bed, she asked to go again. I took her and when she was finished told her I wasn't going to take her anymore. I also stopped giving her treats after we had brushed her teeth.

Who knew that one week into potty-training she would not only start to use the potty correctly, but also figure out a way to use her training to manipulate her momma.

I'm on to you, little girl.

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