Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Can't Complain, 'Cause It Was Free

First of all, I love MoneySavingMom.com. You should all go there, and sign up for the emails. You should also friend them on Facebook. She posts all sorts of great coupons and sites where you can sign up for free things. If you are looking for ways to trim corners and save money, MoneySavingMom will help you.

A few months ago, one of her posts said that Pampers was giving away a free toilet-training kit. Since I was then gearing myself up for the whole ordeal, I knew it would be perfect. So I went and signed up. As with most free things, it took about six weeks to get here. And when it did, I was underwhelmed.

It consisted of one (1) pull-up (size 4), two coupons, a sheet of Dora Stickers, a chart to put the Dora stickers on, a single coloring sheet of Dora for the child to use while on the potty, and a paper trophy. Because at this age, a little paper trophy sitting on the back of a toilet will make a two-year-old think "Wow, I should use the potty more often!"

Reading books on the potty? Understandable. Coloring while sitting on the potty? Yeah, right.

And I'm pretty sure they asked me what size pull-up to send. I did not say size 4. It'll be at least a year before she fits into the size 4, and I am really hoping she won't need that pull-up in a year.

However, let's not lose sight of the point: it was free. And it's fun to get free things. Even if they are a little lame.

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