Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Moms Groups

Friend-making does not come easy to me. Probably because I'm not very friendly. I've read books and articles on making friends, but the information escapes me when it seems to matter most. There is a strong possibility that I'm stunted by things like Facebook...it's so easy to stay connected to the friends I've made in the past that making new friends doesn't seem quite so urgent. But I don't want to be like that. While I love the friends I've stayed connected to, I miss the kindred spirits that I developed in college. They're still out there...just many miles away.

For the past two years I've gone to a local MOPS chapter. It was nice. I didn't meet any kindred spirits, but I enjoyed the fellowship. I had begun to believe that maybe it just takes me a really long time to feel comfortable around other people, and that I'd turn a corner this year. Then, a few weeks ago, we found out that the church sponsoring the MOPS group was cutting the funding, therefore no more MOPS. I don't attend that church; I go to one that doesn't have a MOPS group either.

What do I do now? Do I seek out another group? I've heard of groups different than MOPS, but I loved the format. But because I'm not really close to any of the moms I met at MOPS, I'd have to find a group myself and walk in cold turkey. I hate that. It was hard enough the first time. I'm trying to evaluate how important it is. Maybe groups like that just aren't for me. But if they're not, how will I ever meet another kindred spirit? Or do you only get a couple, and mine were all in college?

My world once again feels small. Any thoughts on moms groups?

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