Friday, August 13, 2010

Privacy Policy

I originally set up this blog to be a public one. My other, family update blog is also public, but I wasn't going to blast the address all over cyberspace. I just figured family and a few friends would read that one, and hopefully the world would read this one. That being said, I took a few hints from other blogs that I like to read, such as not mentioning Pumpkin Pie's name for privacy issues. I also read a blog where the writer puts up pictures of her kids, but not of their faces.

I was looking over this blog the other day. It really needs pictures. People generally like to read things with pictures. So I've really been thinking about what kind of privacy issues I want to pursue.

I've decided to keep Pumpkin Pie's name as Pumpkin Pie here. But I think you all should see her lovely face. She really is cute. Even if she got a whack job of a bang trim yesterday and now looks a little like a misfit. It's part of being a toddler, right?

Maybe I'm being naive. What privacy issues do you have? Should I be ultra concerned about strangers seeing her face?

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