Friday, August 6, 2010

Sharing The Joy

Houston, #2 has landed in the potty.

I think it was kind of by accident. I took her to the potty after breakfast because she hadn't gone yet. I was reading her stories and getting a pretty good idea of what was going on, but wasn't getting my hopes up in case it was all just hot air, if you know what I mean. Then she stood up and lo, and behold, there it was! Nice and big and sitting in the potty all by itself!

I wish I had a camera. Not to take a picture of IT (gross) but to take a picture of the look of horror on Pumpkin Pie's face when she saw IT. "YUCK!!" she yelled. I was cheering and trying to let her know that it was okay, that is where we want it to go. It took a minute or two, but she finally got on board with the joy of the moment. After we flushed, washed and got a treat (a half a marshmallow this time, instead of just a quarter), we called Daddy. It was too big a moment not to share.

Who knows if she'll repeat the feat. I think the important part is she did it, and maybe will remember what it felt like. It's definitely a step in the right direction.

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