Thursday, August 26, 2010

Watching As The World Turns

No, not the show. Although here is a dirty little secret of mine: I do watch about 20 minutes of Days of Our Lives every Monday when I fold laundry. I blame a college roommate of mine, who introduced me to the show during our senior year in college. Visiting the residents of Salem each week is like a mini-college reunion.

But I digress. It's almost fall, although you can't tell by the mid-ninety degree weather out there. But everyone is back in school. The nights are cooler quicker, and are alive with the sound of chirping crickets. The mornings are just as cool, and I can't help but think back to my many years of going to school in this kind of weather.

I actually miss it. And I'm slightly envious of all the moms who have kids who are going back to school, because in a minor way, they get to participate. I used to balk at people who would passionately declare fall to be their favorite season, and try to find some other season I liked better just to be different, but I can't deny it any longer. I do love fall. Probably because it brings so much change to the monotony of life.

This year I feel that I have no change to look forward to. Last year at this exact time we were moving into the place we live now, so my need for change was satisfied. I understand more than any of you that in a little over a month I will have another baby, and that will bring plenty of change, but that is still so far away.

I even still really miss the fact that I'm not going to MOPS this year, which would have been starting right about now. That must have satisfied my need for change a couple of years ago.

It feels like everything is changing around me, and all I can do is sit on my couch with my feet up and watch it go by. And because of my girth and lack of energy, my poor, sweet, energetic 2-year-old is also stuck at home, watching it go by with me.

There's always next year.

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  1. Hmmmm, sounds like I may be to blame for your "Days" addiction - I had no idea I had that impact on your life! I appologize and confess I still watch it every now and then. At least we don't have to watch much or often to stay up to speed with the Salem saga. Now that I know I will think of you every time I watch!

    I understand your love/sad relationship with Fall. It really is my favorite season, but there is so much change and I've found that being an at home mom and having baby #2 still doesn't change your life in the same way as starting school or other out-of-the-house activity. It's just different. It takes more work - you have to create a new thing to do. I've finally started "seasonal traditions" this year that help get me refreshed and excited about life moving forward, like Fall meals, decorations and candles, treats, trips (like to the pumpkin patch and stuff) and outdoor activities/projects. It helps.