Friday, September 3, 2010

Harvest: T-Minus Six Weeks (Give or Take)

My belly is huge. Pumpkin Pie can no longer sit on my lap, much to her chagrin. I don't remember my belly being such a huge obstruction with Pumpkin Pie, but it must have been.

I gave up giving Pumpkin Pie her bath a long time ago; Daddy has to do that since I can't reach her in the tub.

Doing dishes is getting pretty tough, partly because I'm so short. If I were two inches taller, my belly could just hang over the edge of the sink. I may have to get a stool.

I cut my toenails for the last time last week. Can't reach them anymore.

I no longer fit at the dinner table. I may start wearing a bib because dropping food on my belly as I bring the fork such a long distance to my mouth is inevitable.

A lady at church asked me if I was going to be put on bed rest soon, after hearing that I still have a ways to go. Nice.

But a big thanks to my older sister who let me borrow some of her maternity clothes: I now have a few shirts that completely cover my belly. And for giving back the belly band, which is a miracle product. Just wearing it on my errands today made a HUGE difference in how my back felt when I got home.

And no, it's not twins. There's just one little Pumpkin Pie in there.

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