Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Book Review: Amy Inspired

I think my favorite books are books about aspiring authors.  Probably because I usually put myself in that category.  The first six words of the description of this book were "Amy Gallagher is an aspiring writer..."  I was sold.

Amy Inspired is not exactly gripping.  As far as stories about aspiring writers, it's kind of a downer.  Amy is unpublished and uninspired, so most of the book is about her frustration as a writer.  Definitely something I can relate to, and not really something I want to dwell on while reading for pleasure.  Not only is she a frustrated writer, Amy is frustrated with life in general.  She feels it's moving on without her.  Again, something I can relate to, but don't really want to be reminded of while escaping in the pages of a novel.

However, Bethany Pierce does a fantastic job with her characters.  Amy, Zoe, and Eli are all so believable you might forget they aren't real.  It's probably why I didn't love the book; I felt so sorry for them in their troubles that I felt uncomfortable reading about it.  Also, this book is published by a Christian publishing house, so I expected much more of the Christianity of the characters.  It was peripheral at best.  Barely mentioned here and there.  I suppose this is neither good nor bad, just not what I expected.

I have friends on Facebook ask occasionally for recommendations for something good to read.  I would not suggest this book.  However, if someone were to come over and ask to borrow a book, I might hand them this one.  I feel about this book the way I feel about a lukewarm glass of water: not my favorite, but it'll do if I'm really thirsty.  I would, however, like to read more by Bethany Pierce.  I really enjoy her writing style.

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  1. You should read Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott. Not your typical Christian author mind you (as you know if you've read any of her other stuff) but this book is an instruction manual for frustrated writers. I enjoyed in immensely.