Thursday, November 18, 2010

Germs: Friend or Foe?

Today we were supposed to have a play date.  I was terribly excited, because I've been a borderline hermit for the past five weeks.  Pumpkin Pie loves the girls, and their mom is one of my very good friends.  A few hours out of the house where Pumpkin Pie could get some social interaction was going to be the highlight of our week.

Then I got a text this morning saying her two girls had coughs.  She so kindly let me know, in case I wanted to back out.  Well, I didn't want to, but I did.  My reasoning is I'd like my 5-week-old Honey Pie to have her first round of vaccinations before I start intentionally exposing her to germs.  She gets her first round of shots next month.

Now, I don't consider myself to be a germaphobe.  I don't mind sending Pumpkin Pie to nursery where there are goobery, snot-nosed toddlers running around.  She's had all her shots, and any minor cold she gets is only going to boost her immune system.  But Honey Pie is still just so young.  I know that by going to the store and having her sit in church with me that she will be exposed to germs.  But I also know the sweet play date girls would want to see her tiny face up close, and it would be a long morning for me and their mom to constantly tell them to stay back.

But am I overreacting about it all?  If Pumpkin Pie had a cough or whatnot, clearly I would have to deal with it here.  I would not send her or Honey Pie away for the duration of the malady.  If my baby was just a month or two older, we would have gone.  Is it germaphobic to knowingly avoid a place you know has a few extra germs flying around?

What are your philosophies on exposing kids to germs?  Never worry about it?  Always worry about it?  Worry about it sometimes?

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