Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Gun Shy

Are you tired of this topic yet?  Potty-training.

Pumpkin Pie has a little friend that is seven weeks younger than her.  They have been best pals since birth, really, since her mom and I forced it upon them.  It's worked out great, because they really seem to love each other.  Anyway, her mom mentioned that she's begun potty-training.

Now, you know I've had two epic failures in this area.  And I truly am glad that Pumpkin Pie's friend is being potty-trained.  But I'm a little bummed about it too, because it just reminds me that I am going to need to tackle that huge, messy chore again.  Soon.

I have all sorts of valid excuses.
  • Honey Pie is still waking up every three hours at night.  I'm tired.  And potty-training requires a HUGE amount of energy from the mom.  So maybe I should wait until Honey Pie's sleeping is stabilized a bit better.
  • We are now in the holiday season.  Life is crazy.  We'll be spending all sorts of time away from home, so maybe now isn't the time to try and institute such a huge life change.
  • We hope to move at the beginning of the year.  Do I really want to potty-train in the midst of packing boxes?
  • She won't be three until June.  That's seven months away.  Plenty of time to potty train.
I am not-so-secretly hoping that one day in the near future she'll simply ask to go.  Goodness knows we talk about it enough.  Elmo's Potty Time is once again a regular feature in our household.  And she had all that practice back in July; I know she remembers it.  Wishful thinking, yes?

I'm cheering on her friend, though.  I plan to use her being potty-trained as some healthy peer-pressure.

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