Monday, November 22, 2010

I'm No Spring Chicken Anymore

I had Pumpkin Pie at the beginning of the summer.  And about three weeks after giving birth, I was able to wear all my normal summer clothes.  It's been about five and half weeks since giving birth to Honey Pie, and my clothes just plain don't fit.  I'm chalking it up to the fact that now I'm in my late-20s instead of my mid-20s.  My body is just not bouncing back the way it did.  I'm sure you all are thinking, "What's the big deal?  This is normal!" But I didn't experience it last time, so I'm surprised by it this time.

I'm terribly bummed.  Our budget doesn't really allow for new clothes that often, and I don't want to buy new clothes in my new size if there is a chance that it is just going to take a few months to get back to normal.  Thanks to all the advice on Facebook, I think I'm going to hit some thrift stores.  The only problem now is that I really REALLY do not want to go clothes shopping with two little girls in tow.  Especially with the active, inquisitive, grabby 2-year-old.  So that means I have to wait for the magic one-hour window I have on Saturdays when I'm not nursing a baby or buying groceries.  And this Saturday is out because of all the family in town for Thanksgiving. 

So I suppose for the next couple of weeks I'm stuck with the combination of maternity and regular clothes.  But in the spirit of the holiday, I'm thankful that I have clothes to wear, no matter how ill-fitting they are right now.


  1. I will totally go thrift store shopping with you on Saturday while the grandparents entertain Pumpkin Pie! - mindy

  2. I have a bag of clothes we haven't taken to the thrift store yet... you are welcome to it!