Thursday, December 9, 2010

The End of Maternity Leave

Honey Pie is eight weeks old today.  No, stay-at-home-moms don't actually get maternity leave, but if I did it would be ending about now.  I can't imagine if I were actually to go back to work at this time.  I suppose it's all in your mindset, though.  Power to all you working moms.

In these roller-coaster eight weeks, so many people told me to just give it time.  They are all very wise.  Time does make a huge difference.  About a month ago I decided to give myself a break until Honey Pie was eight weeks old.  I called it my maternity leave from sanity.  Now my maternity leave is up, and it's time to pull up my big girl panties and stop being shocked at how different things are.  And it's time to stop whining about how life doesn't follow the schedule I was so comfortable with.  It's time to accept life for how it is and to just go with the flow.

There are some things I hope I remember, though, if there is a next baby for us.

1.  I'm a weepy postpartum patient.  Get used to it.  I will cry for about two weeks.  It will stop.  Life will not always feel that way.

2.  Give myself time to adjust.  Constantly remember that even though I am a stay-at-home-mom, I too have a maternity leave from sanity.  Sanity will return.

3.  Toddlers and babies are usually more flexible than you give them credit for.  And they won't remember this time in their life, so don't worry about the tears or craziness.  And the toddlers will really enjoy all the extra PBS Kids that you let them watch.

4.  I am much more capable then I will feel like in those first weeks after giving birth. 

5.  Start small.  Make one goal each day, achieve it, then sit back and watch TV for the rest of the day while you simply feed the kids.  In a couple of weeks, making more than one goal a day will feel natural and normal.

6.  Write things down.  Mushy pregnancy brain does NOT go away during childbirth. 

Seriously, I should have written more down.  I know there are a few more things I wanted to remember about this time in case there is a next time, and I just can't think of it.  Maybe #6 should be #1.

Anyway, I'm fully back to life, I think.  On to my new normal.

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