Thursday, December 30, 2010

Glorious Sleep

Lo and behold, Honey Pie is starting to sleep through the night!  We've had three fabulous nights when Honey Pie has eaten at 10:30pm, and then not again until 7:00am.  Two of those nights have been consecutive; if she does it again tonight I think we can officially label her an all-night sleeper.  This milestone means so many different things for us.

1.  Switching to a four-hour feeding schedule.  The Baby Wise book that I like so much recommended holding off on switching to a four-hour feeding schedule until baby sleeps 8+ hours at night.  Then you know their little stomachs are big enough to wait good time chunks before eating.  We had some weight-gain issues with Pumpkin Pie, so I thought I'd stick to their recommendations a little closer this time to see if we might not have the same issues with Honey Pie.  I do remember that going to a four-hour feeding schedule feels great, like you're moving a little more away from Milk Maid to regular Mommy.

2.  Switching to a four-hour schedule will mean readjusting nap times.  Right now she takes a two hour nap from 8am to 10am, a two hour nap from 11am to 1pm, a two hour nap from 2 to 4pm, and then an hour and a half or so around 5:30pm.  I've been looking forward to the day that I can coordinate nap times, since Pumpkin Pie naps from 1 to 3.  Honey Pie should be able to do that once we get the four-hour feeding schedule down.

3.  Honey Pie will very soon be moving into Pumpkin Pie's room.  Sharing a room with a baby isn't the funnest thing in the world, and now that her nights are quite a bit more stable, I think the girls should learn to live together in the same room.

4.  Better sleep for me!  I've been waking up multiple times a night since my early pregnancy.  Having Honey Pie sleep 8 1/2 hours has meant that even I get at least a four hour stretch before waking up to go to the bathroom.  It feels awesome to sleep four hours in a row. 

I wish I could have remembered that life would get this good back in the early postpartum days, when you're sure that you will always feel exhausted and sore and sad.  You look at your tiny helpless little baby and try to remember why you wanted another one in the first place.  I'm embarrassed that I had such bad tunnel vision.  Well, here's the reason we wanted another one:

To all you brand-new mommies out there: life is good on the other side. 

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