Friday, December 3, 2010

Identity Crisis

In college, it seemed like we took a million personality tests.  Myers-Briggs, DISC, lion/beaver/golden retriever/otter...let's face it, they were all practically the same.  They were easy to take, since you just looked for the answers that were similar to the ones you selected on the test you took before. 

I think either my personality has changed since college, or in college I simply filled a role I was expected to fill.  I was always a dominant "D" or a hard-core lion.  I'm not so sure that is really who I am, but simply who I was expected to be.  But that's not what this blog is about.  More on that some other time, maybe.

On every test, I consistently was labeled as an introvert.  Introverts are people who are energized by being alone.  That seemed to be me.  I am most definitely a home-body.  I avoid things like the Taste of Colorado because of the large crowds involved.  Shuffling along with a mass of humanity ranks right up there with getting shots of Novocaine in my mouth.  I would only live in New York City if someone paid me a substantial amount of money.  And meeting new people is the thing I'm worst at, and most of the time I'm okay with that.

But then the other day I had my six-week postpartum appointment.  Because of the time of the appointment and location of the doctor's office, I thought it would be a good day to go to lunch and show off Honey Pie to the ladies I used to work with at the dental office.  I arranged a play date for Pumpkin Pie, and Honey Pie and I spent a good portion of the afternoon out with other people.

I now feel completely recharged.  I have been a veritable hermit for the past six weeks.  Even going to church isn't too much of social event, since we scoot out of there quickly as Honey Pie usually starts to scream for her lunch at the end of the service.  I've gotten quick hellos from friends there, but no real social interaction.  My social life consists of seeing my husband for a couple of hours each evening and watching Ellen on TV each afternoon.  And Facebook, of course, but Facebook is the equivalent of cotton candy in the social-diet world.

But going out to lunch with those ladies was just what I needed.  I feel ready to rejoin society.  Honey Pie spent about five hours in her infant seat that day, coming out once to feed, and I feel like she has made her peace with it.  Which means we can leave the house more often.  I also feel ready to tackle homemaking life again, and all the chores and errands that go with it. 

Does that make me an extrovert?  I still feel the same way as I always have about crowds.  And parties.  And meeting new people.  But I was definitely energized by that whole event. 

I think I'm having an identity crisis.

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