Saturday, January 8, 2011

2011: The Year of Focus

Better late than never, but I'm finally coming up with some goals for this year.  I have finally figured out why last year was so unsatisfying for me, and why the thought of a new year seemed to just echo emptiness.  I've already mentioned that I lived the entire year of 2010 on auto-pilot.  I can come up with an excuse too: in January I got pregnant, and spent the rest of the year dealing with vomiting, fatigue, uncomfortableness, childbirth and postpartum life.  I allowed myself to become lazy because the state of my being.  While I can probably chalk 2010 up to being a success, since I gave birth to a healthy baby girl, it still feels like a big blob.

So this year will be different.  I'm slowly coming up with goals, and not ones that will only take a year to accomplish.  My newest goal is to come up with long-term goals for my family.  A rough plan of how I want our family to be.  I'll share them with you as I come up with them, but for today it is enough for me to know that I want to have goals for us. 

Reading books and blogs are really the driving force behind this.  Right now I'm reading Five Simply Ways to Grow a Great Family by Carol Kuykendall, and my mind is positively effervescent with ideas.  Let's just say that I finally feel like our family is a big blank canvas just waiting to painted.

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