Saturday, January 1, 2011

Welcome 2011

There is a reason I probably won't make it big in the blogging world, a la Money Saving Mom.  I don't have an original idea in my head.  That's okay, I suppose.  I'll file it with the other Things I'll Never Be (a nurse, an astronaut, a movie star, a camper.)  Anyway, I am quite often inspired by Money Saving Mom.  Since I don't think outside the box, I love reading about people who do, so I can borrow their ideas and expand my world.  Her latest post got me thinking.

Yesterday I was kind of down in the dumps.  A good case of the holiday blues, I think.  I knew it was the last day of 2010, and usually I really enjoy the thought of a new year.  It always seems so full of possibilities.  But I couldn't think of any yesterday, so as I opened my brand new calendar all I could see were a bunch of blank squares representing a bunch of empty, mundane days.  I'll say that Facebook saved me, since that is where I saw MSM's post.

If you don't want to read it yourself, it simply is her goals for 2011.  She plans to try 12 do-it-yourself projects this year; one a month.   "That's it, girl," I said to myself.  "You need goals."  Now I can think of a lot of things I'd like to differently, but those fall under the spirit of resolutions.  Resolutions rarely work out.  For instance, I'd like to provide dessert for my husband more often.  He loves it and I never remember to make any.  I'd also like to eat healthier, get rid of the baby flab that is orbiting my mid-section, get better control over the paperwork (bills and filing) of our house and spend more time outdoors with the girls.  I feel like these are all really lofty goals.  And not very concrete, so we'll see how any of them work out.  But I was inspired to make 12 specific, simple goals that I might be able to accomplish in 2011.  One a month...seems do-able, yes? 

Well, so far I could only come up with 7, but I feel like it is a really good start.  Also, I'm not quite set on which month I want to assign most of them to yet.  Some of them are obvious, but the rest seem like they could fall whenever.  But here's what I have so far:

January - Move.  I figure that's a big enough goal to tackle that month, and I don't really need another one on my plate.  In moving I'm hoping to simplify quite a bit, so maybe the goal is really to Simplify and Move.

February - Make a Homemaking Binder.  I've been reading a lot of posts about time management and whatnot, and I'm feeling the desire to really organize my time.  I love being a stay-at-home-mom, but I really don't like the lack of accountability.  My girls are clean and fed, and my house isn't so dirty that we are sick, but it could use a lot of work.  I think if I actually write out a plan and goals for how I want my house to be, I may be able to feel like I have better control over my days.  Then maybe the days won't feel like they just slipped by in a blur.

*side note: confession time.  About two weeks ago I was in my bathroom and suddenly noticed how gross it was.  And I honestly couldn't remember the last time I cleaned it.  That is not like me.  I had a good system down before the baby was born, so I'll blame postpartum behavior for that one.  I'd like that to not happen again.

March - Send Out My Story.  I wrote a story last year; a novel for middle graders.  I need to just send it out.  It does nothing sitting in my computer.  So my goal for this month is to make a list of agents/publishers to send it to and just start that process.

April - Make a Felt Doll Set.  For Pumpkin Pie's birthday (in June, so starting it in April should mean it will be done by then.)  My mom gave me a book called The Preschooler's Busy Book by Trish Kuffner, and this was suggested.  It's like paper dolls, only with felt and scrap fabric.  I don't think of myself as super crafty, but I can't get this idea out of my head.

May -  Plant Garden Pots.  Our new place has a patio that faces south/southwest.  I think it would be the perfect place for some garden pots, since I can't have a real garden.  I'd like to try tomatoes, cucumbers and zucchini.  And finally plant some strawberries in my strawberry pot that I've had for a few years now and have never really used.

June - Make a Sourdough Starter. I love sourdough bread, and I got this idea from this blog. It's just something I'd like to try.  I'm looking forward to researching this too.

July -  Make Homemade Laundry Detergent.  This is something I've wanted to try for awhile.

And that's all I have so far.  Maybe in June I'll reassess, and come up with goals for the rest of the year.  Or maybe coming up with goals for the rest of the year should be my August goal.  I'm hoping in all my blog reading that I'll find some other things I'd like to try for the empty months.

Do any of you make goals at the beginning of the year?  Any good ideas I can borrow?

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