Wednesday, February 16, 2011

One Year to a {More} Organized Life

I've been following Brenda and her year-long project to a {more} organized life.  Well, I've actually taken a small break from it, due to the move, but I'm ready to get back in the saddle.  Her program is so great.  One tiny, little baby step each week, so it feels completely manageable.

This week the assignment was to come up with a daily and weekly routine.  I feel like I'm a bit ahead of the game on this one, because for my February Goal I planned to create a Homemaking Binder.  In this binder is actually a daily and weekly plan.  And I did that last week.

I chose to use the customizable cleaning list from Money Saving Mom.  She also has a great daily docket if you want to go that route, but I honestly don't feel like I need to micromanage my days that much yet.  I might when the girls get older.  But for now, the simple cleaning list seems to be all I need.

Here is how I broke down my daily routine:

Before Breakfast:
Shower and Dress
Make Bed
Wipe down bathroom - (Note: This is a dream for me.  I haven't actually accomplished it.  It's a suggestion from FlyLady to help avoid the grungy bathroom, and it sounds like a great idea.  So I put it on my daily to-do list in hopes that I will actually be able to incorporate it into my routine.)

After Breakfast:
Clean up breakfast dishes
Unload dishwasher
Put away dishes from previous night
5-minute Hot Spot clean up

After Lunch:
Clean up lunch dishes
Kelly's Zone Mission

Before Dinner:
Day of the week chores
Dinner prep

After Dinner:
Wash dinner dishes
Wipe down counters
Straighten living room

Most of this stuff I was already doing, except for all the chores.  That is where I feel I need the most help, so planning them into my day seemed like a great place to start.

Here is my plan for a weekly routine, which really applies to how I'd like the chores to get done:

Laundry (a big enough chore in its own right, so I made it the only chore on this day)

Vacuum Main Floor

Empty Trash Cans
Purge Mail

Clean out fridge

Make grocery list
Clean out purse
Vacuum Main Floor (yes, again.  I'd like to do this twice a week.  Maybe then Pumpkin Pie's socks won't be so dirty.)

Change sheets
Vacuum upstairs/bedrooms
Clean bathrooms

And there you have it.  My plan.  Now, I fully realize that a plan won't work until you work the plan, but I feel good about having one.  And this is my first week with it, and I am fully caught up.  Yes, I did mop the floor today.  Yes, I vacuumed and dusted yesterday.  So far, so good.


  1. Ooooooo. I like your routines. Not too packed to be unrealistic, but enough to give a bit of a challenge, at least it would for me. :)

    I wish though that my routine could be:

    Welcome maid
    Assign chores to maid

    Thank maid
    Welcome cook

    Eat meal prepared by cook
    Let the kitchen crew clean the dishes

    ha ha ha. If only....

  2. Great job! I'm also using Money Saving Mom for inspiration, but I haven't laid out the day/week yet (like my whole life, that's a work-in-progress). I don't even plan to do as much as you do (I never vacuum or dust and my husband wipes down the kitchen each night), yet your list seems do-able--very inspiring, thanks!

  3. I LOVE a to do list! Im not sure I could stick to such a rigid plan though, I get a bit anxious if I don't achieve things I set myself lol so prefer to just write a daily list every morning, that way I always get it all done and if anything comes up I can just add that too :D