Tuesday, April 26, 2011

April Goal: Felt Doll Set

My goal for April was to make a felt doll set for Pumpkin Pie's birthday in June.  I'm so proud of myself for doing this one!  It was so crafty of me.  It required the acquisition of a glue gun, felt and pinking shears, and I felt like a totally different person once I had them all in my possession.  Like I could make anything

I got the idea from a book my mom gave me on activities to do with 3-5-year-old kids.  This was in the "On-the-Go" section, with the idea that you keep these in a box in the car, and then your little puddin' can play with it while they are strapped in their car seat.  The felt keeps the clothes from sliding off.  Perfect for the car.  (Well, in theory.  My set has not been road-tested yet.)

Here is the finished product.  Don't tell her; it is a birthday present, after all.

The whole set.  Plenty of mix-and-match opportunities.

The doll, straight-up.

Just another outfit option.
It really is as simple as it looks.  The doll was the hardest to make.  Simply glue felt to a piece of light cardboard and cut out in the shape of a doll, with the arms and legs spread out (for easy dressing.)  Draw on a face and glue on yarn for hair.  Then use the doll and trace out clothes on other pieces of felt and/or scrap fabric.

I hope Pumpkin Pie likes it.  She doesn't really play with dolls, but she only has two.  She's never had the option of dressing in different outfits before.  She's pretty girly, though.  I'm sure she'll figure it out.

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