Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Milestones All Around

This is my 100th post.  I've been mulling over several ideas of what to write about for this momentous occasion, but it was all thrown out the window today when Pumpkin Pie provided me with some very appropriate material.

I started this blog in January of 2010 with the main idea of chronicling the potty training of Pumpkin Pie.  She was 18 months old at the time, and I read a book that babies can be potty trained fresh from the womb, practically.  (I may be exaggerating.)  Well, that first attempt ended in failure.  She just wasn't catching on.  I tried again in August of 2010, hoping she would be potty trained before Honey Pie arrived in October.  I actually got my hopes up on that try, since she seemed to be doing well.  But then she just stopped even trying.  So I stopped trying.

Since then I have been very discouraged about the whole potty training thing.  There are too many articles and systems out there boasting that your child will be potty trained in three days or whatever.  And many of my friends are rightfully celebrating the fact that their children, who are younger than Pumpkin Pie, have mastered this elusive skill.  Oh, Pumpkin Pie goes in the potty sometimes.  And in her diaper sometimes.  I haven't been willing to put her in anything other than diapers, because she has shown no promise of any kind of consistency.  And because she outright refused to poop in the potty. 

Which brings me to the reason for my 100th post.  We were eating breakfast today and she said she had to go potty.  So I cleaned her up, got her down and sent her off.  For awhile now she's been able to go into the bathroom, turn on the light, take off her pants and diaper and sit on the potty by herself.  This process can take awhile, since she dinks around like a normal two-year-old.  It usually ends in the tiniest amount of tinkle you've ever seen in the potty, but we affirm her nonetheless.  So I was cleaning up breakfast dishes while she did her thing in the bathroom just off the kitchen.  Every two minutes or so I'd call out "Are you done?" because while she can take off her diaper, she can't get it back on herself.  And she always needs help turning on the water to wash her hands.  She'd call back "No!"  Several minutes later I heard "I pooped!"  I ran to the bathroom, and sure enough she had!  I cheered and cheered and hugged her and wiped her little bottom.

For weeks and weeks we've been talking about what will happen when she poops in the potty.  First, she'll get to wear her beautiful underwear.  I didn't want to put her in underwear until she stopped refusing to poop in the potty.  Second, I bought a bag of Easter Hershey Kisses (because of the pretty colors) and told her she could have one.  Well, as soon as we washed her hands today, she held me to both of those promises.  The chocolate was easy; I had no problem giving her one of those.  The underwear thing gave me pause, though.  I just don't think she's ready for it.  I asked her if she would like to wear a pull-up today, but no, she insisted on underwear because she "pooped in the potty."  I had no choice but to follow through.  I put her in underwear and some pants I would never let her wear out of the house because I don't like them.  I lectured her over and over about not going potty in the underwear, and if she needed to go potty she should just run to the bathroom.  She was getting ready for room time, and I told her that if she needed to go she could leave her room.  She said "okay" a million times.  Not ten minutes after I put her in her room, I heard her calling "Mommy!  Mommy!" in a very distressed voice.  I ran upstairs to find...her pants soaked.  ::sigh::  I knew that would happen.

So now she's in a pull-up.  I hope she can keep it dry.  I have errands to run today, or I would just let her be in underwear all day.  Even now, though, I have a hard time believing she'll ever be truly potty-trained.  I'm fully preparing myself to be the only mom who has to go to her kindergarten class several times a day just to change her diaper.  We'll see.

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  1. No, no, no - don't believe that last line of yours for a minute! This is huge success Tori! Fantastic! Just keep doing what you're doing.