Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Not Ready to Be Unsupervised

There has been nothing magical about this round of potty-training.  She sometimes stays dry.  She sometimes wets her pants.  We had one bout of poopy underwear on Sunday.  And she hasn't pooped in the potty since I blogged about it a couple of weeks ago.  She's mostly learned that if she needs to poop, she has to save it for her nighttime diaper.  She is definitely not ready to wear underwear overnight, so she knows that she will have either a diaper or pull-up on at night, and that it is a better time to poop than when she has underwear on during the day.

Today there were two occasions when I let her go to the bathroom completely by herself.  The first time was right after nap, when I was feeding Honey Pie.  I got Pumpkin Pie out of bed from her nap, and she had soaked her undies and pants.  I stripped her down and sent her into the bathroom, with instructions to tinkle, then to put on her clean panties and pants and to come downstairs where I would wash her hands.  She takes forever in the bathroom, so I knew I could feed the baby in the time it took her to do all that. 

Later, right before dinner, Pumpkin Pie actually said "I need to go potty!" and ran for the bathroom herself.  I was stoked.  She has never done that before.  She's always gone because I've forced her to go.  So I let her do her thing.  After a few minutes it got quiet, and I thought maybe she might be doing some serious business in there.  So I quietly went to check on her only to find her filling the toilet with toilet paper.  One square at a time, but who knows how much she could have gotten in there if I hadn't intervened.  When we went upstairs to brush her teeth I went into her bathroom for the first time since her visit earlier in the day.  Sure enough, there was a great amount of toilet paper in there that she hadn't flushed too.  Neither amount could have clogged the toilet, but it was headed in that direction.

So my lessons for today are a.) she still needs very close supervision and b.) I need to increase our budget for toilet paper.  I should have seen this coming.

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