Monday, April 11, 2011

Plugging Away

Potty-Training: Take 3 is going okay.  Not great, not terrible.  Just okay.  We've had a few small victories.  Like the other day, when she wet her underwear.  She cried out and we ran upstairs to the bathroom.  I still made her take off her own pants and get on the potty herself, which is decidedly slower than if I were to do it for her.  Her underwear was wet, but she still had quite a bit to put in the potty.  I was so proud.  That told me that she was able to stop herself from going once she felt it.

However, we've had zero #2 successes since last week.  I've been putting her in a diaper at bedtime, and so she's been saving that business for then.  Then yesterday she wore pull-ups all day, and she went twice in those.  She's never gone in her underwear, but she seems to feel free to go in a pull-up.  It's a bit maddening, because all of this tells me that she knows when she has to go.  She just chooses to go in her pants.

And I'm not sure the whole treat/reward thing is working.  Oh she likes it.  She talks about it.  But I'm not sure that it is actually motivating her. When she doesn't get a treat (like when her underwear is wet or she poops in her pants) she's never upset about it.  She just smiles and talks about when she gets a treat next time.  All of this reminds me that going potty in the potty truly has to be her decision.

On the bright side, though, she's named the ballerina's on her pull-ups.  Well, she asked their names and I told her, but she accepted the names without question.  I'd like to introduce you to Judy:
The other ballerina is named Linda.  I try to tell her to keep Judy and Linda dry.  She's actually really good at it.  I should probably start telling her how much they don't like poop.  Maybe that will give her to push she needs to make that decision.

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