Wednesday, April 6, 2011

An Unexpected Battle

In case you were wondering, I've actually kept Pumpkin Pie mostly in underwear since my post yesterday.  She's pretty insistent about it, except for one time yesterday when she requested a diaper.  I put her in a diaper for nap time and bedtime, but other than that it's been underwear.  She has wet four out of five pairs, but has actually stayed dry for most of today.

Anyway, I've been reading the book The Duggars: 20 and Counting! by Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar, and it's been fascinating.  Michelle goes a bit into potty training in the book, because so many people ask her about it.  One of the things she says that she has developed over potty-training the past 15 or so children is that she doesn't start training until the kid is able to take off AND put back on their underwear and pants, and is able to climb up on the big toilet by themselves.  Well, I have stools that help with the climbing on the toilet, but I've decided that the whole undressing/dressing themselves thing is a really good idea.  So since yesterday I've decided that Pumpkin Pie is going to completely take care of that aspect herself.  Little did I know that it would be a battle.

I guess I've helped her a little too much.  Definitely I've been the one putting on her diapers, so she kind of expects it.  And as far as her pants go, she can kind of do it, but apparently I would always step in and help her finish.  So yesterday when I insisted that she put on her underwear and pants all by herself, we had a bit of a meltdown.  Tears.  Wailing.  Gnashing of teeth.  I stood by and gave instructions and encouragement, but you would have thought I was asking her to put her elbow in her nose.  I do help her button her pants, but she has to pull them all the way up by herself.  There have been fewer tears each time.

I didn't even know that battle existed.  I can't wait until the weather is warm so she can just wear sundresses all the time and not have to worry about pulling up bulky jeans.  All you new moms beware: asking your child to pull up their own pants may be hazardous to your health.

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  1. I hear ya! There have been lots of things with Truman that I didn't realize I was probably helping him too much with...probably just because he's my first and I didn't know when to stop helping him! I bet it will get better each day with Alaina and she'll feel proud about it after doing by herself for awhile.