Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Book Review: Canary Island Song

Imagine my joy and surprise when this little gem showed up in my mailbox.  I had received an email awhile back, probably from Robin Jones Gunn's email newsletter or something, asking if anyone would be interested in getting an advance copy of this book to review.  Of course I jumped on it.  But I knew supplies were limited, and I never received another email saying I had been chosen.  So faithfully I've been checking my library's website to see if I could get on the list to read the book once they got their copy.  And then suddenly, there the book was.

In Canary Island Song, Carolyn is urged by her adult daughter to "get a life," so she takes a break from her life as a single woman in San Francisco, and travels to her mother's home in the Canary Islands.  It's been seven years since the tragic death of her husband, and Carolyn has been treading in the murky waters of grief since then.  Time with her mother, aunts and the gentle breeze of the islands is just what she needs.  Much to her surprise, she runs into her high school summer love Bryan Spencer, and finds her heart being drawn back to the land of the living.  She must decide if she's ready to trust her heart and God for what her future holds.

That's right, folks.  Bryan Spencer.  As in Todd Spencer's dad.  One of my all-time favorite things about Robin Jones Gunn is the way she peppers all her books with characters you already know and love.  And if you haven't met them yet, it's okay; you'll be just as delighted to read about them in her other books.  This story was classic Robin Jones Gunn, transporting you across the globe with a very real, relatable character.  While the story is rich enough in itself, I did find myself digging through a bit for information on what Todd and Christy might be up to, the way someone might dig through a bowl of strawberry ice cream for the fat, frozen berries.  I won't give away everything, but Bryan, Todd and Christy were not the only characters from previous books that were mentioned.  All her stories feel a bit like a family reunion, introducing new characters and seamlessly weaving them into a world you are already comfortable with.

This book will be released on July 5, 2011.  Do what you have to to get your hands on a copy.

This book was sent to my by Howard Books.  They didn't ask for a review, but I'm giving one because I love Robin Jones Gunn. 

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