Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Sharing the Love

Lately I've come across some really good recipes that you need to know about.  And make for yourself.  They are well worth the effort, and hardly any effort at all.

First is this recipe for homemade taco seasoning.  We use taco seasoning at least twice a month around here, it seems.  And Money Saving Mom posted this recipe awhile back, so I bookmarked it.  I made it last week, and I already need to make a new batch.  It's super easy, since you probably already have all of the spices in your cabinet.  They're not weird or anything.  And your homemade mix won't have all the weird preservatives in it that store-bought ones have.  And the best part is, it tastes just like taco seasoning.    No difference.  Why wouldn't you want to make your own?

Next, a super delicious chicken marinade recipe my husband and I love.  I tried it because I had all the ingredients on hand, and we were blown away.  My only note is to go easy on the salt, maybe even omit it altogether since it calls for garlic salt too.  It was super delicious with all the salt, but definitely salty.  I really don't think the flavor will suffer by reducing the salt.  This marinade will make all store-bought ones seem lame.

And finally, a delightful little way to make homemade microwave popcorn.  I love popcorn, and we have a great popcorn maker.  However I had a hard time dragging it out every time I wanted popcorn, because it's kind of a big mess for one person.  Then I came across this idea and it works like a dream. Perfect for when I'm making popcorn for just me.  Our popcorn maker will do just fine cooking for the family, and I have no problem letting it rest while I cook up a batch for just myself in the microwave.

Enjoy!  Let me know if any of these work out for you.

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