Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Book Review: Cherished

Every time I simply hear or read the word "cherished" I feel a longing in my heart.  I think every woman longs to be cherished, even if she's in a committed, satisfying relationship.  It's one of those things we can't get enough of, and conjures up the feeling of a soft, warm robe on a cold, snowy day.

Cherished by Kim Cash Tate is the story of Kelli London and Heather Anderson, both facing the giants of terrible past sins.  They've both repented, but before healing can begin, they must both believe that they are worth cherishing.  Kelli once dreamed of being a songwriter, but those dreams shattered after a choice was made seven years ago.  Suddenly she finds herself with a wide open door back into that world and a spark of hope is once again ignited in her heart.  Heather's life took a nose-dive after she was caught in an affair with a married man and then was devastated after a one-night stand with a drummer in a Christian band.  She hit rock bottom and called out to the only One Who could save her.  That life-changing decision set her life on a path that looks nothing like the path she envisioned.  As Kelli and Heather awaken to their true worth, they find the freedom to pursue their dreams based on the security of knowing God's unconditional love.

Even though my copy of the book was missing 30 pages (hopefully not an error in every copy!) I enjoyed this story.  It was so easy to follow and to invest in the characters from the get-go.  I love the way Ms. Tate wove prayer into so much of the story.  The characters were constantly praying together, showing how prayer can be as natural to your every day lives as breathing.  The story leaves the reader truly believing that God will meet them where they are, and that they can be new in Him.  Next time you need a book to read, I hope you'll remember this one.

Thomas Nelson Publishers provided me with a free copy of this book as a part of their blogger program called BookSneeze.

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