Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Book Review: One Call Away

I have really been getting into memoirs lately.  At first it seems strange, since I'm really more of a fiction girl than a non-fiction, but as my husband so insightfully puts it, memoirs are reality TV in print.  And I love me some reality TV.  Memoirs are usually stories about well-known people, and I find it fascinating to read about their real lives as opposed to just seeing them in their job (of acting, or being president or whatever.)

This is a memoir of Brenda Warner, wife of Super Bowl Champion and Dancing With the Stars alum Kurt Warner.  However, before she married Kurt, she found herself living through a nightmare: her healthy baby tragically injured in the bathtub; a sudden end to her much-loved military career; betrayal, divorce and single parenthood of a special needs child; poverty; and a devastating natural disaster that stripped her of her foundation.  With each shattering phone call, Brenda had a choice: to collapse or press forward and survive.  She chose to lean on her relationship with Jesus every time.  Her story provides hope and encouragement for anyone facing life's challenges.

Brenda Warner is a remarkable woman.  The things she has endured truly seem like things you would only see in movies.  Her story definitely gives perspective to what I consider to be hardships in my life.  And throughout the book, she points to Jesus as being the only foundation that stays consistent.  Her life choices are drastically different from the ones you usually see coming from a celebrity family.  It is refreshing to read the story of such Christ-followers.

It is a rag-to-riches tale, in a way that makes you realize that she understands the lives of those who are struggling to make ends meet, or to raise a special needs child while raising other children too.  You'll find her extremely relatable, even knowing that she now lives the lifestyle of someone whose husband played in the NFL.  I think you would be encouraged by her story.

Thomas Nelson Publishers provided me with a free copy of this book as a part of their blogger program called BookSneeze.

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