Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Day 11. Crossing Oceans by Gina Holmes

I found this golden piece of fiction on the Tyndale Publishers website.  They were having a summer reading program that I didn’t really follow, but the book was listed and the cover looked pretty.  (Side note: I absolutely judge a book by its cover.  Well, not all books, but sometimes a pretty cover is all I need to crack open the book.  It's a crap-shoot, but sometimes I find some really good stuff this way.) It was Gina Holmes’ debut novel, and I was so glad to have found it.

In Crossing Oceans, Jenny Lucas returns to her childhood home as a single mom of a five-year-old because she is dying of cancer and needs to find a custodian for her daughter.  Her two options seem to be her estranged father and or the girl’s father, who doesn’t know he has a child.  She only has a few months to tie up these loose ends and come to terms with her future, while desperately hoping the old wounds heal.

Just the synopsis should tell you that this story won’t have a happy ending, but you should be comforted to know that the story is full of acceptance and, ultimately, peace.  If you don’t mind a few tears, then you should enjoy this one.

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