Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Day 12. Decision Points by George W. Bush

It’s time you knew that I am a huge George W. Bush fan.  I proudly voted for George W. Bush as a first-time voter in the 2000 presidential election and was thrilled that he was able to serve a full eight terms.  Until further notice, all future presidents will be measured up to him in my book.  I even invited George and Laura to our wedding.  They couldn’t make it, but they sent us a nice card.

I bought this book for my dad for Christmas for two equal reasons: 1.) He wanted it, and 2.) I knew I could borrow it when he was done.  Mission accomplished.

I’ll admit that I am ignorant of most things politics, and this book opened my eyes to things I never even dreamed went on.  Former-president Bush used this book to describe many key things that went on during his presidency and the reasoning behind his decisions.  He also analyzes those decisions, admitting when he made the wrong ones and how he might have handled it differently.

I truly believe that George W. Bush was the right man for the job during those times.  When I think about what could have happened if the other two candidates were elected, I cringe and thank the Lord for his providence.  I miss President Bush, and hope that America finds another president like him someday.  Our current president is not it.

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  1. This book, along with Laura's book, has been on my amazon wish list - planning to get it one of these days! :) Thanks for the review!