Friday, October 14, 2011

Day 14. Domestically Challenged: A Working Mom’s Survival Guide to Becoming a Stay-At-Home Mom by Alana Morales

I guess I’ve never been a working mom.  I quit my job as a front desk girl at a dental office two days before Pumpkin Pie was born.  I thought I was going to have about two weeks before she made her appearance, but my high blood pressure stepped in a made the rules on that one.  But I do remember that not only did I suddenly have a baby to take care of, but I also had to figure out how to stay at home all the time.  I think it was something of culture shock. 

I imagine that many moms go through that, especially if they decide to stay home after working while handling the kids.  They think that just because they are no longer leaving for a job that their house will miraculously be tidy all the time, that they will suddenly produce beautiful, mouth-watering meals, and that they’ll have time to take pictures of it all and pen a delightful “How to be a Stay-at-Home Mom” blog.  And then they are positively flabbergasted to find that their house is messier than it was when they were working, and that the little darlings they were going to have the privilege of spending every waking moment with are driving them up the wall. 

This book is fantastic for all stay-at-home moms, whether they are brand new at it, or old veterans.  It is full of ideas on how to keep the kiddos entertained, how to keep up with the housework, and how to deal with the emotional aspects of this pay-less job.  It also gives wonderful support to moms who are simply thinking about making the change from the public workforce to the stay-at-home kind.  Plus, Alana Morales is really funny.

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