Sunday, October 16, 2011

Day 16. One Tough Mother: It’s Time to Step Up and Be the Mom by Julie Barnhill

I’ve already recommended a book for dads, and one for moms on the art of homemaking, but this one is for moms on being a mom.  First of all, if you are a mom, you should be reading books by Julie Barnhill.  She’s hilarious and real and uber-encouraging.  She’s written books on forgiveness and grace, both of things moms seem to short-change themselves on sometimes. 

In One Tough Mother, Julie helps moms wade through all the mothering advice that comes from every possible source and simply buckle down and be the mom.  Moms find themselves paralyzed when they start to wonder if they are concerned enough about their children’s health or self-esteem or whether or not they’ve documented it enough in scrapbook fashion.  Julie Barnhill says “Enough already!” and offers a dose of reality to calm the fears that every mother has about raising her children. 

I believe that most moms should probably read this book.  I think it will give them a chance to breathe and simply enjoy their children.  And when they get panicky again, they should pick up the book for another dose.

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