Monday, October 17, 2011

Day 17. The Glenbrooke Series by Robin Jones Gunn

It’s been 15 days, and I haven’t said anything about my dear Robin Jones Gunn.  I think I’ve waited a respectable amount of time before mentioning her again, don’t you?

This time let’s look at one of her series for adults.  The Glenbrooke Series is good old fashioned chick-lit, and one that you’ll want to read while drinking a cup of hot tea.  In a bubble bath.  With yummy vanilla candles burning on the counter.  They are the stories of eight women, whose lives intertwine in the lovely small town of Glenbrooke, Oregon.  Each of these women have a unique love story, and find forever friendship with each other in surprising ways.


Yes, these books are probably considered light reading, but they will leave you feeling encouraged.  And warm and fuzzy.  And with an almost insatiable urge to leave your bustling, big city life and find a small cozy town to settle down in. 

Echoes and Clouds are my favorites.  I am confident you’ll find a favorite among them too.


  1. I love these books. I read them in their first run, when I had to wait a year between releases...and I still have them. They may not be "deep" as you mentioned, but they always, always point toward the Love God has for us.

  2. Ok, because of you, I had to request a few of these from the library and you are right....they are a fun read....I'll be reading the rest in the series. Thanks!!!

  3. I love these books I finally just finished the last one wildflowers it took me just over a day to read but i couldn't put it down, and i felt like i was right there through every book.