Thursday, October 20, 2011

Day 20. The Galahad Series by Dom Testa

I really enjoy this series.  Dom Testa is actually a local DJ here in Denver, of the Dom and Jane Mix Morning Show fame.  I’ve listened to their show since I was in high school, and actually recently met both Dom and Jane when I attended one of their Live Audience Friday shows.  I’m a big fan.

Well, Dom has actually written a sci-fi series for teens called the Galahad series.  It chronicles the story of a group of teens in the future, who leave Earth on a ship called the Galahad.  Their mission is to preserve the human race, after the rest of humanity is doomed by a disease inflicted by Earth coming into contact with the dust of a comet.  All humans die once they reach adulthood, so these teens are headed for the planet Eos to colonize and keep humans from becoming extinct.  They must complete the mission without the help of any adult or parent, and face incredible adventure along the way.

I am just so impressed with these stories.  The concept is amazing, and you forget that you are reading books that were written for young adults.  I’d love to write a series of this caliber some day.

I know these books are available on; I’m not sure if they’ll be available in your library.  They are here because Dom is a local writer, but I can’t guarantee it for you.  However, I think that anyone would be satisfied owning these books, so it would be worth it to buy them if you can’t borrow them.

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