Friday, October 21, 2011

Day 21. The Princess by Lori Wick

It’s time for one more of my favorite candy novels by Lori Wick.  (Also known as a nice LLC novel according to my friend Becky.  You know, Lovers Lament Crap...That Thing You Do, anyone?)  I own a number of Lori’s books, but this is one that I have to read at least once a year.

In the fictional, modern-day land of Penderan, Shelby is a normal contributing member of society.  All of that changes when she is selected by the king and queen to marry their son Prince Nikolai, who by law has to be married by the time he turns 26.  The problem is he was married; but he tragically lost his wife at the tender age of 24.  But to uphold tradition and the law, he agrees to marry the woman his parents select.  Shelby agrees with the noble idea that maybe the prince needs someone, and maybe she can do some good in the role of princess.  However, while Nikolai acts normal in public, at home remains distant.  Shelby begins to wonder if Nick will ever love her like he loved his first wife, or if she will have to live her life in a loveless marriage of convenience.

It is so wonderful to imagine what it would be like to be a princess.  And it is so refreshing to read about a modern day princess as opposed to the regular, old-fashioned princesses who live in cold castles without indoor plumbing.  Looking for something light, fun and deliciously chick-lit?  Look no further.

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