Saturday, October 22, 2011

Day 22. Wrapped in Rain by Charles Martin

I hope after recommending The Mountain Between Us that you hurried as fast as your little legs could carry you to get a book by Charles Martin.  No?  Too many options?  Well, try this one.

In Wrapped in Rain, Tucker Mason is the son of an abusive, alcoholic, workaholic father and is essentially raised by an African-American widow named Miss Ella while his father stays away for the majority of each year.  Growing up alongside him is an illegitimate brother named Mutt.  Tucker overcomes his dark childhood by becoming an acclaimed international photographer, but finds himself returning to the childhood home of his nightmares.  He soon has to care for Mutt, who has spent his adult life in a mental hospital fighting schizophrenia, and for an ex-girlfriend who is running from a nasty ex-husband.  Tucker must face his tragic past in order to build a future.

This is an engaging story set in the deep south, and is filled with healing and love.  As with all of Charles Martin’s stories, the characters are deep and rich, and the setting is so colorfully described that you have to remind yourself you aren’t there.  (Unless you live in the South.  And then you can just look outside.) 

Read with a box of tissues.  (You’ve Got Mail anyone?)

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