Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Day 25. Not Afraid of Life by Bristol Palin

Memoirs tread a dangerous line between being fascinating and self-indulgent.  And the first thing I thought when I heard that Bristol Palin had written a memoir was, “Isn’t she, like, 19?”  It always seemed to me that memoirs were reserved for people who had lived a bit more life than that.

After reading Not Afraid of Life, I sometimes felt like Bristol, in her twenty years, had lived quite a bit more life than I have at 29.  She made some hard choices and had to deal with the hard consequences.  Toss in a good dose of a mother in the strong political spotlight and things are bound to get a little hairy.

I actually think that this book is good for most teens.  It is a fantastic perspective on life as a teen mom and what kind of relationship a teen might have with her parents.  If teen girls are wise, they could learn a few things from Bristol’s story and avoid some heartache.  (Side note: I think that people who proudly declare that they like to learn from their own mistakes are, well, fools.  Why on earth would you discard lessons from other people, simply because they haven’t happened to you?)

Bristol is young, but she has a lot of good things to say.  Her book is worth a look.

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