Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Day 4. The Mountain Between Us by Charles Martin

I found the author Charles Martin by a simple status update from one of my Facebook friends.  She mentioned that she loved his books and wished he had written more so she could read them.  So I hopped over to my library’s website, looked him up, and reserved the first book I saw.  (Yes, I have my library card number memorized.  What, you don’t?)  What a fantastic find!

I’ll recommend another set of his books later this month, but The Mountain Between Us is a great one to start with.  First of all, I think my husband would like it, so it’s not a chick book.  It’s a survival story of two people who survive a small plane crash in the snowy High Uintas Wilderness, one of the largest stretches of harsh and remote land in the United States.  Ben, a surgeon, and Ashley, a writer, face an ultimate struggle to survive.  Ben uses his medical expertise to put Ashley’s broken leg back together, and his avid climbing experience to try and get them to civilization.  Along the way, Ashley learns that Ben is separated from his wife, even though he continues a tradition to record messages for her on a digital recorder.  Ashley was trying to get back East for her wedding, but starts to wonder if she was simply settling for the first man to propose because she was afraid that no one else ever would.  Even worse, she begins to suspect that she’s fallen in love with Ben.

This book is really incredible.  Survival, a romance from a husband’s point of view, and Charles Martin’s fantastic writing style makes this book a little hard to put down.  Once you read it, you’ll see why my friend did everything she could to read everything he’s ever written.  I’m working on that very thing myself.

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  1. lol! I have my library card # memorized, too! I love the simplicity and convenience of logging onto the catalog from home and putting all my books on hold so when my toddler and I go to story time, we can easily grab all our books at once.