Saturday, October 8, 2011

Day 8. Daddy Dates by Greg Wright

In my love for parenting books and book reviews, I came across Daddy Dates by Greg Wright.  Clearly this book is written for dads, but I read more than my husband does, and he’ll most often read books that I recommend to him, so I thought I’d test drive this one for him.  I so badly want my husband and daughters to have a good relationship.  It warms my mother’s heart every time I see them interact.  And this book is spot on.  I’m a girl and know what would be good from a daughter’s perspective, and this book hits the nail on the head when it comes to what a girl would want from her dad.

You can read my book review here.

If you are a dad or a step-dad, or are married to one, then you should get your hands on this book.

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  1. I read books that are for dad's too!!! My husband isn't much of a reader, so I figure I can either persuade him to read the book after I have, or else I can just fill him in on what I learned. And I can totally relate to what a great feeling it is to see a dad interact with his daughter.