Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Book Review: Flight of Shadows

I am wildly drawn to books written about America in the not-too-distant future.  They always scare the crap out of me, because let's face it, it's never good.  But so intriguing at the same time.

In Flight of Shadows, Caitlyn Brown is running.  It seems everyone wants a piece of her, literally.  Her genetic secret could change humanity forever, and her physical appearance makes it difficult to hide.  She thinks they're after the deformity on her back, but what they want goes much deeper.  She finds herself running with a street-wise kid named Razor, who helps her navigate the world of desperate poverty, death doctors and fear bombs.  Soon she and Razor begin to learn the unthinkable about her past.  It leads to a choice Caitlyn must make between two men who love her and whether to keep her freedom or sacrifice herself to change human destiny.

This book was so appealing to the sci-fi/suspense lover inside of me.  And it is not hard to understand the moral questions about science and society that America may face if we continue in the direction we're going.  This book was hard to put down each night, and invaded my dreams when I did.  That's how I know it's a good book.

Keep your eye out for Sigmund Brouwer books.  He pens a great tale.

This book was sent to me by WaterBrook Press in exchange for an honest review, as a part of their Blogging for Books program.

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